Fitness Pulley Cable

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Bring The Gym With You Wherever You Go!

This piece of high-quality fitness equipment can impressively hold 100kg of weight, so you can take your weight training anywhere.  

Includes a heavy-duty pulley with 360-degree rotation and impeccable flexibility so a full range of weight workouts can be practiced and enjoyed safely and smoothly. 

Arrives with a stable, 4.88mm thick cable for reliable and safe exercise. Arrives with an 80cm long heavy-duty loading strap. Get yours today while stocks last!

Why Our Customers Love The Fitness Pulley Cable:

Exercise modes: By changing the connection points between the hoist buckle and the high-strength alloy cable, you can get two functional exercise modes: Pull down and Lift up. The detachable handle allows you to freely change the attachment you want (straight bar and triceps rope included). It allows you to train biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back, with functions such as bicep curl, triceps pull down, lat pull down, row and fly. 

Premium Material: Includes a 100-inch high strength-sheathed cable for maintaining strength, durability, and smooth operation. Silent cable pulley made of special heavy-duty steel ensures no extra noise during operation. Upgraded steel loading pin. Max weight load up to 300 lb. 

Easy to Assemble: Just thread the loading pin through the central hole of a weight plate and connect the sections. Lat and lift pulley system can connect to power racks, pull-up bars, beams, and any place where the strap can be installed. 

Professional Components: Gravity ball design of cable to prevent the cable from shaking during use. Closed alloy buckle will never break or loosen. 

Portable: Its small packaging volume allows you to take it anywhere you want and is suitable for traveling. 

Package Includes:

1x Hanging Strap

1x Triceps Strap

1x Pulley

1x Loading Pin

1x Cable (2.5M) 3x Carabiner

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