Portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Best Features

Convenient use

The ergonomic one-hand operation with a comfortable grip can provide a chiropractic massage on the go.

Easy to use

No complicated installation steps, take it out of the box and it will be ready to use Just choose the head required for the massager, attach the head to the massager and you can start using it.

Extremely portable

Perfectly designed to take with you to the gym and gym, it can be used before or after your workout sessions.

Powerful handheld Mini Machine

This mini massager machine comes with 4 distinct heads for your convenience.

✅Rechargeable Battery

It can be used for up to 6 hours to massage all the essential parts of your body including sensitive muscle and joint areas.

4 modes to choose

4 speeds provide perfect massaging pressure for different parts of your body as you like.

Major Advantages

 ✅ As small as iPhone
  Long Battery time up to 10 hrs.
 ✅ Simple Operation with 4 gear frequency
 ✅ Strong Power up to 3500rpm
 ✅ Portable & can be used anywhere
 ✅ Easy Charging, recharge and refresh anywhere


  • Size:                   137mm
  • Weight:               0.5 kg
  • Color:                  Black / Pink / Silver / Green
  • Power:                30W
  • Charging Time:  1.5hrs approx.
  • Battery Time:     6hrs approx.
  • Function:            Anti-slip handle bar/ Heat sinking Cooling Design